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Window Cleaning Services

photo_10696255Our personal window cleaning process/description:

  • We remove all screens and hand wash both sides with a soft bristle brush using a 100% safe, biodegradable liquid soap and set the screens aside to dry.
  • We begin cleaning the windows using a soft strip washer and a window washing solution that is 100% safe and biodegradable. The solution we use will not only make your windows sparkle, but it'll leave them streak-free.
  • We then use a special porcupine scrubber to get off paint overspray, bug marks, sap, etc.
  • We squeegee the water and solution off and towel dry around the edges where water collects.
  • The same process is performed on the inside windows using special care avoiding water overspray and debris fallout in your home.
  • We always clean all window tracks and window sills.
  • The clean screens are now put back into their original window.
  • Before completion, we will walk around your home to double check all windows to guarantee your satisfaction.
  • A follow up phone verification will be performed to ensure your complete 100% satisfaction with Reflections Window Cleaners. We pride ourselves on quality. Our work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Any streaks, smears, smudges, or finger pointers will be dealt with immediately and will be free of charge.