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Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel CleaningReflections Window Cleaners is specifically trained to clean solar panels. We understand the unique care required to maintain your solar panels. Without proper cleaning, your solar panels could be 25% less efficient due to dirt, grime and ash. Water hose cleaning can leave hard water staining on your solar panels reducing the efficiency of the panels. That is why at Reflections, a proven cleaning process is used to properly wash, rinse and dry your solar panels which will increase the life of your investment. Reflections also offers complimentary checks for cracks in panels, wiring issues and mounting stability of your solar panels.

Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing

Reflections Window Cleaners offers a variety of pressure washing techniques. Our commercial grade machines can clean the stingiest of stains, molds and dirt. Reflections also has offers a "soft wash" process which is a new washing technique that requires less pressure to clean surfaces giving you peace of mind from delicate surroundings. Absolute care is always taken to protect your home and peripheral landscape when washing all surfaces. With multiple pressure washing techniques, Reflections can clean wood decking, composite decking, pavers, stone walkways and patios, cement surfaces, driveways, house siding, stucco, tile and much more!

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter CleaningReflections Window Cleaners reliable gutter cleaning service gives you the piece of mind that your gutters will be properly cleaned and downspouts thoroughly flushed. All gutter debris is completely removed by hand and we always check downspouts to ensure proper drainage.

Taking the time to maintain and repair downspouts and gutters can double or even triple the life of your roof drainage system. This can save you a lot of money on repair costs for the duration. All ladders used for your gutter cleaning services are equipped with ladder stabilizers which prevent gutter damage. The ladder will rest on the roof, not the gutter.